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About us
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Application Status: CLOSED

The United States of Argonath Central Intelligence Agency is a government agency dedicated to protecting the state against harm inside and out. The Agency employs Field Agents, Analysts, Technology Specialists and IT teams to create a wide pallete of instruments to aid us in our mission, as well as helping other government and law enforcement agencies with theirs. Currently, we are looking for people to join our training programme and become the elite intelligence specialists this country needs. The Agency's main goal is to gather, process and analyze information primarily using human intelligence.

The Agency was established by Laura A. Dye, in July of 2011. Marcel de Rooy (=AV=Marcel) was appointed the new Director by the President of the United States of Argonath in May 2013. The Agency currently operates in 4 of Argonath's States. The amount of members is unknown and will be classified due to the secret nature of the organisations work.

We are currently looking for:
  • Agents (Field work, security details, driving escorts)
  • Analysts (Use our systems and analyse relevant intelligence)
  • Developers (Develop our systems, specifically looking for C# developers)
  • Academy personnel (Looking for experienced teachers in: Combat, Tactics, Stealth, Communication)

All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to a risk assessment.

Command staff
The Agency command staff is as follows:
  • Marcel de Rooy (=AV=Marcel) - Director
  • Ryder Owen (=AV=Mike_Kevin) - Deputy Director

Voice: Channel "Central Intelligence Agency" on
CB-channel: 3344
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